KAC New Build Project

KAC New Build Q & A, for more information click here. 

Q. When will this all be happening?

A. Planning, design and fund raising continues over the next 15 months to June 2019. Construction starts in July 2019 and takes till Christmas 2019

Q. Will SMASH continue operating?

A. Yes, we are committed to providing ongoing SMASH services.

Q. During the construction were will SMASH be operating from?

A. Up till June 2019 SMASH will continue to operate from the current buildings.

Q. We have not yet decided on were SMASH will be operating from during construction.

A. When will you know were SMASH will be operating from during construction.

Q. By June 2018 we should know. We anticipate that it will take a month or so to work out what is best to do.

A. We need to carry out a careful assessment of the affect construction would have before making this decision. It could be on the current site or an alternative location if we have to move.

Q. What sort of affects could construction have on the operation of SMASH?

A. From our experience with the ECEC building strengthening the affects can be:

  • Space restrictions that limit use of buildings
  • Access and Parking restrictions
  • Contractor staff on site
  • Construction noise
  • Construction dust and debris

Q. How could you cope with these effects?

A. The first thing to do is to get a full understanding of the effects from building contractors. We are going to meet with contractors over the next few weeks to do this. Knowing this we can develop affect mitigation plans and see if is possible to keep operating under these plans.

For example it may be best to do the new building first, transfer some SMASH activities to it then work on the Parish Hall.

Q. What happens if you can’t keep operating on the KAC site?

A. We are committed to providing ongoing SMASH and ECEC services and will plan to move to alternative locations. We did this for the ECEC building strengthening.