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The SMASH Club!

The Smash Club provides before and afterschool care for ages 5 to 13, as well as school and summer holiday programmes. 

About The SMASH Club

The SMASH Club is an integral part of the ministry of St Mary’s Anglican Church.

The SMASH Club (St Mary’s After School House) was established in 1998 out of an over-whelming need for an After School Care facility in the Parish and the wider community.

We are guided by the principles of being safe, kind and caring. We invite every family for an informal chat before enrollment in order to understand the families’ needs and expectations and to make sure we can provide the best possible care for your child. Our very dedicated staff are chosen for their ability to build on these principles and interact with the children to ensure their well-being.

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We run programs every weekday!

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(04) 476 2747

Manager (Yvette Michalska): office@thesmashclub.org.nz

Second in Charge (Ri Comer): rilke@thesmashclub.org.nz

Administration (Zoe Barrott): zoe@thesmashclub.org.nz